New Year, New Motivation! Is there something killing your motivation?

Every year is a new start! Right?! Every year I hear people talking about their New Year's goals and resolutions, and one of those goals is typically to "Lose Weight," or to "Eat Better," or to "Get in Better Shape."

I haven't heard a lot of this, this year. The reason I think this is, is because so many women are already on this path. It seems like this lifestyle is becoming more and more popular and that more women are not waiting until the New Year to really set the goals, but more along the lines of having those goals all year. Around the holidays, it seems that everyone "slacks off" their goals, but they don't lose their goals.

It seems to me that more and more women are looking for a healthier lifestyle, and the main thing that lags is MOTIVATION!

What motivates you? What KILLS your motivation? I could list a hundred and one motivation killers and the solutions that I use to regain my motivation. In fact, I should do this every day on this blog if I had the time for it.

So here are mine, and my friends/co-workers top 5 motivation killers!

1. Not enough time
2. Too tired/exhausted
3. Too stressed
4. Not know where to start/overwhelmed
5. Unsupportive Environment

Do these sound familiar? Well they are super common, and the main thing to know is that you are not alone. Examine if any of these, or all of these are killing your motivation, and see what you can do about it.

If you are having a hard time with any of these, email me, message me, comment to me and I  can work with you to see if there are some things you can do to start boosting you motivation, and turn your life and your goals around for happiness and success.

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