I just had to share this photo because:
#1 It's Hilarious
#2 It's Ironic
#3 I love Avocados

So the reason I think this is hilarious is because I love FOOD HUMOR! 

Have you ever given food, or any object for that matter, a personality?
It's a fantastic and harmless way to use your creativity and imagination, and works wonders with children who are afraid of certain foods. It's also just FUN!
So, I love it when an artist really taps into FOOD HUMOR, it's just good for the soul!

The reason that this is IRONIC, is because most people these days think that:
But this is a MYTH. Healthy fats do not solely cause a person to get fat, and are in fact needed by the body to function properly and gives the digestive track and glands some lubrication.
I personally have eaten a diet high in healthy fats for years and it has never compromised my weight loss or health goals. I have actually been healthier than ever in my life!

Did you know: Eskimos eat a diet high in healthy fats such as fish, fish oils and blubber and are some of the healthiest people in the world? YES it's true!

And Finally, I love this because I love Avocados!
They are fantastic to eat by themselves, or added to meals, on top of a salad, mixed with eggs, put in smoothies and shakes, or my favorite, used to make guacamole!

Deidra's EASY Guacamole:
1. Dice an avocado into cubes
2. Cut a lemon or lime into quarters and squeeze over avocado.
3. Add diced cilantro and onion for flavoring.
4. Sprinkle some sea salt onto mixture.
5. Stir a few times, leaving the mixture chunky.

Do you LIKE Avocados as much as I do?

Leave you comments below! I Love hearing from you!!

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