KICK IT - PICK IT - Review of Oxygen Magazines "Eat Better"!

I love the KICK IT - PICK IT 
sections of any books, magazine,...

and especially Oxygen Magazine because 
#1 they are my favorite magazine 
for fitness & clean eating inspiration!

Here is my review of this "Eat Better" section:

* Eating a Turkey Burger is a excellent choice instead of eating regular cheeseburgers. These are great to make at home, bake, grill, or saute in a pan with a little olive oil or non-stick spray....and some restaurants are now serving these and bison burgers on their menus. 

TIP: Toss the bun and wrap the burger in lettuce.

* Baked sweet potatoe wedges are one of my favorite sides and snacks. Yes they are a carbohydrate and a starch but they don't chemically breakdown in the body the same way that regular potatoes do, and they pack extra vitamins and minerals. Most athletes that get their body fat percentage really low eat sweet potatoes and so that means it is not likely you will gain a lot of weight eating them either, and in fact can lose weight eating them.

TIP: Cut into cubes and bake in coconut oil for a great snack.

* Plain oats slowing cooked in a pot on the stove with a little bit of almond milk is a great way to get your carbs without eating a bunch of processed foods, it will leave you full all morning, and you can sweeten it up naturally with fruit and honey. 

TIP: Use oats instead of flower as a base for pancake batter.

* Whole wheat pasta,....I am not a huge fan of we wheat or wheat pasta and in my personal experience whole wheat pasta has been very hard for my body to digest.

TIP: Make your own zucchini noodles instead using a special tool called the Spiral vegetable slicer.
This vegetable slicers has literally been a pasta saver for me and my family and we LOVE using it!

This is actually less expensive than the one I purchased at Wal-Mart!
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* You can't go wrong with Mixed greens! You can have as many vegetables as you want, all day long, and can shred, cut, or dice the vegetables to create a unique salad.

TIP: Try olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon, and honey for your dressing. It is fantastic!

* Plain low-fat yogurt is a great way to get a healthy snack that keeps you full for a little while, and truly the added benefits are the healthy bacteria that every persons gut needs to function properly.

TIP: Eat unsweetened Greek yogurt instead, and add fruit & honey, cinnamon, and nut butter. Stir well and use as a dip for fruits!

I highly recommend the Spiral Vegetable Slicer!

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