What is SHRED 2 SHED?

Have you ever known the beauty and vibrancy of vegetables?

When you take something like a carrot, clean it, and then grate it....
it turns into this heaping pile of the most vibrantly orange food you can imagine.
The smells of the carrot burst open and fill your nostrils with some sort of,
magical aliveness.

It is so very hard to explain, and it is something that you must experience.

SHRED 2 SHED is a concept of shredding your vegetables, and even fruits...
and then eating immediately.

The COLORS, SMELLS, and ALIVENESS of the food is ssometimes..

However, it is as healthy as a food option as you can eat,
full of vitality and life,
healthy & nutritious,
full of flavor,

AND believe it or WILL fill you up!

AND it will help you to SHED weight!

Enjoy shredding any fruits and vegetables and getting creative with combinations.
Top with dressings, lemon juice, oils, or honey!

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