Quick Combos - Oxygen Magazine!

I'm go back, over and over again, to my trusty clean eating and motivation magazines, books, and tips from Oxygen Magazine.

I have been reading Oxygen Magazine for YEARS!

And although I am not trying to look exactly like them, or compete in fitness competitions,... I AM trying to accomplish 10% of what they are accomplishing.

In my busy life, being 10% that healthy and fit is a huge accomplishment! Don't you agree?!

Here is one of my all time favorite articles from Oxygen Magazine, and I'm sharing it here with you because it teaches us how simple clean eating can be.

My main motto is keep it simple with a simple plan, and with 1-3 foods and/or ingredients that you love for each snack and meal.

This is EXACTLY how I eat! And, I LOVE IT!

So here it is, and enjoy!

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