High Protein, Low Carb Omelette! GLUTEN FREE, SUGAR FREE, PALEO!

High Protein, Low Carb Omelette!  For when you need the energy but not the crap! *Use only egg whites for a healthier version. (With a little slice of Heavenly Banana Coconut Nut Bread on the side) Leave Comments Below!!

3 eggs
Feta Cheese
Sea Salt
Coconut Oil

Heat Skillet and add coconut oil. In a bowl beat eggs and add sea salt and onions, as much as desired. Pour mixture into skillet on medium-low heat and let cook. Flip and let other side cook until almost done and add the rest of the toppings on top on the eggs. Fold eggs over and let cook about 30 seconds, flip and cook another 30 seconds, and then you are done!

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