Turkey is NOT just for Thanksgiving!!

2 pounds of Smoked Turkey

One question I get from women who are trying to lose weight is "How do I get more protein in my diet?" 

An easy way to get more protein in your diet is to snack on turkey!

Turkey is a meat that has a lot of protein which is great for keeping your blood sugar stable (which helps you lose weight) and keeps you fuller for longer.

Turkey is generally lower in fat than red meat, and smoked turkey is very juicy and soft, which means that it digests a lot easier than other meats and won't weigh you down.

I always feel good and energized after eating turkey. I have never felt sleepy like the story goes. And, I would know because I have to really watch my blood sugar levels because if they spike high, or drop low, then I get very sleepy.

I think that was always the rolls, casseroles, and pies that made me sleepy during the Holidays.  

What I like to do is go to the local BBQ or Smokehouse and buy 1-2 pounds of Smoked Turkey

I like to buy it from there because: 
  1. It is very juicy
  2. It has less salt/sodium
  3. It is never dried out or tough like some oven turkeys
  4. I don't have to spend 2 days thawing and cooking a turkey

Or, if you can't find a place that has smoked turkey, then buy turkey deli meat at your local grocery store. It still works great as a snack, just watch the sodium levels, and ask the deli worker for samples so you can find the brand that you like the most.

Ways to Eat Turkey:
  • Eat it as a snack with BBQ sauce.
  • Eat it as a sandwich on whole wheat or whole grain bread.
  • Eat it in the morning with eggs, instead of sausage. 
  • Eat it with dinner and pair it with fresh vegetables.   

There are so many ways to eat smoked turkey and it is SOOO GOOD!

How do you eat turkey? Share your comments below. 

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