OATMEAL, It's what's for Breakfast!


A lot of my co-workers seem to have questions about OATMEAL. What kind of oatmeal to eat, what is "rolled-oats?", and so on.

So here is the TIP FOR THE DAY!

Eat whole oatmeal, otherwise known as "Rolled Oats," INSTEAD OF instant oatmeal.
  • Whole oatmeal cooks in the microwave the exact same as instant oatmeal, so no excuses!
  • Whole oatmeal, they say, lowers your bad cholesterol levels.
  • Whole oatmeal is easy to cook in microwave, add a tiny bit of artificial sweetener if you like, add fresh fruit and/or almond slivers, granola, or whatever else you like!

AND, whole oatmeal will digest much slower than instant oatmeal, and will keep you FULLER for LONGER, and aid in the process of LOSING BELLY FAT!

P.S. I also eat Turkey Bacon with my oatmeal, and I cook it also in the microwave, making it crunchy!

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Lauren said...

I didn't know u could cook turkey bacon in the microwave.... Can I give directions, please :)